Projects - Regional artwork

We are present in households worldwide! We are present in households worldwide!

We are present in households worldwide!

Designing and regionally managing artworks for the regional variants of international brands.

Regional artwork

  • central management
  • high production capacity
  • we take the initiative in color harmonization optimization for greater cost-effectiveness for your company
  • close working relationship with the printing houses ensures smooth proactive problem solving
  • continuous contact with the Western, Eastern and Central European regions
  • we are highly flexible
  • handling tight deadlines with faultless accuracy
  • language mutations (12 languages)

Client focused workflow management

  • we are registered users of the BLUE Integrated Artwork Management System developed for Lever
  • long term partnership

Integrated service

In addition to standard jobs, we fulfill individual orders as well, providing an integrated service for the clients of our AW Team.

  • complementary design and adaptation: front labels, neck hangers, promotional and seasonal design element, salesfolders
  • working out the promotional mechanism
  • design and production gifts
  • premium quality porcelain gifts
  • promotion logistics
  • POS design and print production
  • ATL and BTL communication


Back labels in the front line! During the regional adaptation of the Unilever brands we took care to follow the correct usage of the special characters and language rules of the 3 to 5 languages on each label.

St. Nicolaus

In our several years of cooperation we have provided exclusive brands, new products and complete product families with a new, attractive look for the global market.


Maintenance of the company's full product range, brand image building and development, local and regional mutations through 8 years of cooperation on 300 products.


Optimization of the whole product range to the Hungarian market and managing local promotions: planning, label design, communication.