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IKZE, connections and inspiration IKZE, connections and inspiration

IKZE, connections and inspiration

We have supported the introduction of the young composers in contemporary music by designing the look of the Festival.

Contemporary Music Festival of Young Composers (IKZE)

We provided the dynamically growing contemporary music concert series with a logo and image that was worthy of the high professional quality of the performances, and maintained it through the next 3 years for the annual festival events. The hundred-page publication comprised of the young composers' biographies and essays on current issues of importance and the descriptions of the compositions was awarded the Pro Typographia Certificate of Excellence. The design is based on image compositions informed by contemporary music. We used two visual components: the key motif of the year, and the mixed techniques of collage, montage and painting.

2007 publication and program cards

2008 publication and program cards

2009 publication and program cards