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ArtCoffee – Good coffees and world famous paintings ArtCoffee – Good coffees and world famous paintings

Good coffees and world famous paintings

– Brand identity
– Packaging design
– Launching campaign

Gaugin and Csontváry on the coffee packagings

Amidst the circumstances of the Covid pandemic – despite the current situation – we managed a collaboration between Mizo (Hungary's largest dairy), the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Hungarian National Gallery.

Mizo dairy gave us one side of the packaging of its coffee brands (consisting of 10 different flavours) for the museums to use for the project. The product's original brand name is Mizo Coffee Selection. From this we developed the new brand name, Art Coffee Selection.

In this way, one side of the packaging remained like the original Mizo Coffee Selection design (that was also designed by our studio), while the other side changed into the Art Coffee Selection, which appeared facing outwards on store shelves for the duration of the collaboration.

The 10 different coffee flavours each featured 3 different paintings, so the product range presented 30 paintings in total, including the artworks of Lautrec, Gaugin, Breughel and Csontváry.

Our goal was to have people take some works of art home with them. This took on a particular poignancy because of the Covid pandemic. The museums provided a short description alongside the title for every one of the applied paintings, including the name of the artist and the date of the pictureAll of this information was shown on the packaging. It is possible that in this way more people experienced the artworks than would have by visiting the museums...

We took extreme care adjusting the colors and stroke widths on the painting reproductions, taking into consideration the difficulties and possibilities of flexo printing onto cardboard packaging.