Who we are

Dió is an international marketing communications and branding agency, working since 1987 for clients locally and worldwide. Our mission is to provide innovative marketing solutions that boost your business. Besides using brand identity as an effective marketing tool, we also create and implement integrated marketing communications to make your brand visible outside the shops as well.

What we do

We'll offer a creative strategy of marketing communication that brings your brand to the consumer. Brand design and brand guardianship, visual identity development and maintenance, ATL, BTL and online presence, promotions and events are used in a way essentially driven by your business's communication needs.

Brand ALT and BTL Packaging Digital and Online POS Object Design Print

A brand is the forceful idea driving consumer behavior – but it is also the physical reality of what people take into their hands. In a seamless process, we'll create impactful brand identity from the stages of strategic planning and branding concepts to production quality control.

Where we are