Regional variants of worldwide brands

Our dedicated expert team will design, maintain and regionally manage artworks for your international brands and brand lines. Our extensive experience in this specialized field of packaging design guarantees the quick, smooth and cost-effective central management of all design aspects of line extensions, variants, promotional labels and languages.

Production optimization

Part of our work is keeping an overview of the production process so from the first steps we design with the requirements of the materials and technologies in focus. We offer the best option in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness in order to make sure that you benefit from our pre-print optimization protocol. This could mean more than 10% savings of your annual print costs.

Workflow management

For your convenience, we are proficient in the latest brand management technology and workflow software.

Printing technology courses

We hold courses in printing technology for your staff, organized for smaller teams or bigger groups, around the topics most relevant to your work:

  • the relatedness of design and production
  • material optimization
  • design optimization
  • visual solutions for production cost optimization
  • practical demonstration (visiting printing houses and other related plants with on-site training).

Special references


  • for 13 countries in the Central and Eastern European region
  • continuous product guardianship for 5 years


  • maintenance of the company's full product range
  • brand image building and development
  • local and regional mutations
  • 8 years of cooperation
  • 300 products

Coca-Cola Company:

  • optimization of the whole product range to the Hungarian market
  • local promotions: planning, label design, communication